AFL FAST-LC-SM-100 Field Installable Fiber Connectors

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The AFL FAST-LC-SM-100 is a FASTConnect® LC connector with a pre-stubbed, factory pre-polished ferrule and BLUE housing. They are designed to be used with single mode 9µm fiber optic cable and 900µm cordage. The connectors feature a precision mechanical alignment, as well as low loss termination (insertion loss: 0.2dB average, 0.5dB maximum, and return loss: -55dB average, -45dB maximum). They have a factory-installed wedge clip, which is removed and discarded upon completion of the termination. Fiber can be reinserted up to three times. Use a VFI to test (pass/fail) for proper installation.

The FAST-LC-SM-100 field-installable connectors are TIA/EIA-568-C.3 and TIA/EIA-604 FOCIS compliant. No epoxy required.

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