Signamax FO-065-1110 10/100BaseT/TX to 100BaseFX Media Converter SC/MM, 2 km Span

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SIG FO-065-1110


The Signamax 10/100 to 100FX Media Converters with USB Power Option provides a built-in 10/100 switch that enables the fiber cable connection to operate at 100 Mbps, while remaining completely 100BaseFX standard-compliant for the fiber optic connection. The fiber connection can also operate in full duplex mode whether the RJ-45 port is connected to a full duplex switch or a half duplex legacy hub. The built-in switch and its store-and forward switching architecture performs the network segmentation that allows the maximum fiber distance extension.

An USB power connector on the rear panel provides additional power options where AC power outlets are unavailable. The Link Fault Signaling provides a means of propagating a link drop on either port of the media converter to the other port, enabling a connected managed switch to see the link drop and respond to it using Spanning Tree Protocol or another recovery scheme.  This intelligence maximizes the power of managed switches, and enables fail-safe design solutions for complex networks.


Latency: < 4.2 μs (LIFO)
Throughput, per port: @ 100Base: 148,809 pps (64-byte packets)
Speed: 100BaseTX: 100/200 Mbps for half/full duplex; 10BaseT: 10/20 Mbps for half/full duplex
MAC Address Capacity: 1K; Memory: 256 KB


Multimode P/Ns
Type: LED
Wavelength: 1300 nm nominal (1270 nm max.,1355 nm min.)
Max Output Power: -14.0 dBm
Min Output Power: -20.0 dBm
Sensitivity: -33.0 dBm
Max Input Power: -8.0 dBm
Link Power Budget: 13.0 dB


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